Spring 2021 - Juniors

The Juniors Academy age, U6 to U10, is clearly the most enjoyable part of a player's development journey. Weekly practices with friends and post game ice cream celebrations on the weekends! What can beat that?

These kids won't remember the final score or whether they lost or won. They will simply remember how much fun it was to play with their friends and hear their family cheering them on.

Confidence with the ball is at the center of everything we do at PSC. We train players at this age to enjoy having the ball at their feet. We want players to dribble, try new moves, and be rewarded for it.

The end result of having confident dribblers at the Juniors age? Loads of goals! This is what makes this age so much fun to watch and to coach! Check out the 2014B Spring 2021 goals video we just posted on Facebook. Loads of goals as promised!

-Coach Ky